by Troy Henderson

You have reached this page in an attempt to use my LaTeX2SWF converter. I have overhauled the original version of this converter by doing a complete rewrite of the code. The primary purpose for this overhaul is to provide a more flexible converter. New features include: In order to take full advantage of these new features, you should use a browser with proper SVG support. While Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) can be made to have partial support with the help of Adobe's SVG Viewer, it still is far from perfect. Since Adobe plans to discontinue all support their SVG Viewer beginning in 2008, IE users should consider one of the following options:

To use the new previewer, visit Once you preview your output, select “SWF” from the “Download” drop-down box to download the resulting SWF.

Feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions that you have regarding this new previewer.